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Characteristics of FY130 water well drilling rig: This series of water well drilling rigs have the characteristics of standardized configuration, compact and reasonable structure, fast drilling speed, economy and durability, and low failure rate. Once launched, it has been recognized by the market and widely used in mining engineering construction, civil drilling, geothermal drilling, and other fields. Widely used in industrial, agricultural, water conservancy projects, test wells, and other exploration drilling. In particular, geothermal heating drilling can also meet various projects such as engineering foundation reinforcement and loose gravel drilling rock stratum connection. Our drilling rigs are more efficient, have a lower failure rate, are more economical and durable, and have a high comprehensive cost performance ratio. Dual systems can be added: 1. Aerodynamic system with air compressor 2. Mud pump system with mud pump

FY 180
(T)5.2(mm)Φ76  Φ89
The weightDrill pipe diameter
(mm)140-254(m)1.5m  2.0m  3.0m
The hole diameterDrill pipe length
Drilling depthRig lifting force
One-time advance lengthRapid rise speed
Walking speedFast feeding speed
Climbing anglesWidth of loading
Equipped capacitorHoisting force of winch
Using air pressureSwing torque
Air consumptionDimension

Swing speedEquipped with hammerMedium and high wind pressure series
The penetration efficiency10-35High leg stroke1.4
The engine brandYuchai engine


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