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Geological Drilling Rig XYX3

XYX-3 Trailer-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig is type of vertical shaft drill, which can be powered by diesel engine or electric motor. It is mainly used for diamond bit drilling and carbide bit drilling of solid bed. It also can be used in exploring drilling and base or pile hole drilling.
XYX-3 water well drilling machine is a lightweight drilling rig and is fed by hydraulic. This machine is widely used in construction work such as exploration, railway, highway, port, bridge, hydro power, tunnel, water well, building, engineering geological prospecting, heavy caliber drilled pile and minor-caliber diamond core drilling.

Performance characteristics:

1.compact size and light in weight of mechanical transmission, major diameter of vertical shaft, long distance of support span and good rigidity, hexagonal Kelly ensure the torque transfer.

2.High speed and suitable range of speed to meet varies need of small diameter diamond bit drilling, big carbide bit drilling and all kinds of the engineer holes.

3.Hydraulic systems can adjust the feeding pressure and the speed, so it can satisfy the drilling in various stratums .

4. Pressure gauging can make you get the information about the feeding pressure at the end of the hole.

5.Transmission and clutch of Automobile are choice in order to achieve the good generalization, easy repairing and maintenance.

6.Close levers, convenient operation.

7.The spindle has the octagon section so give more torgue.

Drilling depth                                m600600600
Drilling diameter                           mm75-32575-32575-325
Drilling rod                              mmΦ60Φ60Φ60
Drilling angle                              

Spindle forward speed                  r/min32-105732-105732-1057
Spindle reverse speed                   r/min45-21245-21245-212
Spindle stroke                            mm600600600
Spindle inner diameter              mm969696
Spindle lifting capacity              KG600060006000

Single line lifting speed               m/s0.3-1.9

Single line lifting capacity                   (kg)300045003000
Steel Rope diameter                    mm12.512.512.5
Hoist single line lifting capacity    KG300030003000
Reel caliber                               mm200200200
Reel cubic measure                          m303030
Mud pump   

Horizontal double actuator                                       

Displacement                                 L/min200,250200,250200,250
Triangle conveyer belt type        
Work pressure                         Mpa4.64.64.6
Water inlet caliber                   mm656565
Water to exit caliber                       mm373737
Oil pump    

Front displacement、pressure         
32L/min    20Mpa32L/min    20Mpa32L/min    20Mpa
Behind displacement、pressure           
14L/min    20Mpa14L/min    20Mpa14L/min    20Mpa
Diesel engine                              KW42KW42KW42KW
Drill mastRated load (T)181818

Height (m)116.56.5


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