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Geological Drilling rig XY44A 1400M


Main Features of Core Drilling Rig:

1. The drilling rig has more speed series (12-level forward rotation and 2-level reversal) and reasonable speed range. The low-speed torque is large (up to 8000N.m), which is suitable for alloy and diamond core drilling, and is also suitable for drilling. Engineering geological survey, hydrological well drilling and foundation pile engineering construction.

2. The vertical shaft through hole diameter is large (93mm), double cylinder hydraulic pressure feeding, long stroke (up to 600mm), strong process adaptability, especially suitable for large diameter drill pipe rope core (upper core) drilling, there are Conducive to improve drilling efficiency.

3. Adopting Tsinghua Wanliyang 6T46 gearbox, this type of gearbox is widely matched on truck models such as Futian, Jianghuai, Kaima and Wuzheng. Mature technology, stable quality, strong overload capacity, after-sales service stations and accessories all over the country.

4. The hydraulic chuck is a disc spring clamp, a hydraulic cylinder release, and a three-cart automatic centering hydraulic chuck.

5. The hydraulic system uses gear oil pump for oil supply. It is easy to install, easy to use, low in power consumption, low in oil temperature and stable in operation. The hand pump is installed in the system. When the power machine is not working, the hand pump can be used to lift the hole in the hole.

6. Power one steam Xichai 92 kW naturally aspirated engine, Guangxi Yuchai 4110 (105 kW) turbocharged engine optional.

7. The center of gravity of the rig is low, the distance of the transfer machine is long (460mm), the fixing is firm, and the stability of high-speed drilling is good.

8. Equipped with anti-vibration instrument, is conducive to grasp the situation inside the hole. Less manipulation and flexible operation.

Technical Parameters of Core Drilling Rig
Drill pipe category Drill pipe specifications(mm)Drilling Depth(m)
Domestic drill pipe   Inside and outside flat drill pipe 421400
Rope core drill pipe 55.51250
DCDMA drill pipe          Rope core drill pipeBQ1300
External thickening drill pipe  60800
Drill angle  0-360°
Power UnitModelPowerRotating Speed
Electric unitY225S-445KW1480 r/mim
DieselCA411092KW2800 r/min
TypeFeed with double cylinders oil hydraulic  
Spindle L.D93mm  
Spindle Speed (Diesel Engine)
Forward speed60/90/166/272/379/481/183/296/514/835/1164/1476 r/min
Reserve63/198 r/min
Max. torque of spindle 8000N·m 
Spindle stroke600mm  
Max. lifting force of spindle 125kN 
Max. thrust of spindle90kN  
Wire rope caliber 18.5mm 
Roll capacity 95m (Wrapped seven layers)
Drum capacity for rope45kN  
Lifting speed of the wirerope
Roll copper speed(m/s) (The third layer)0.7-2.68 m/s twelve grades
TypeAutomotive dry single-piece friction clutch
(Compatible with 6T46 gearbox)
Hydraulic system
System pressure
Work pressure20 Mpa
Max. pressure25 Mpa
Displacement20 ml/r
Drill frame
TypeSkids type drill frame(with sliding base)  
Rig backward stroke460mm 
Distance from the hole260mm
Dimensions  3050*1100*1920mm  
Rig weight (Excluding engines)2300kg  


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