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Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig FY280


1.  FY280 water well drilling rig features: 1.  Equipped with a 75KW Yuchai brand turbocharged engine, with strong power;

2.  Patented design composite tower with a travel of 6.6 meters, double cylinder lifting, and large tonnage

3.  Each drilling rig's main boom is equipped with a stop to protect the oil cylinder;

4.  Drilling rig chassis: professional excavator chassis, durable, strong load-bearing capacity, wide chain plate, and small damage to hard road surfaces.

5.  Parallel gearbox design, independent oil pump, sufficient power, reasonable distribution, unique hydraulic system design,

Simple maintenance and low cost

6.  The traveling motor is equipped with a reducer, which is durable and has a long service life;

7.  Quick distribution valve: The rotation speed of the third gear can reach 150-160 rpm, basically realizing the dual function of water and gas

Each hydraulic hose is covered with a soft management kit to extend the hose's service life.

9.  The power of the drilling rig is driven by a diesel engine, and the drilling rig can travel, rotate, propel, lift, support legs, and unload

The rods are hydraulically controlled.

10.  The drilling rig is self-propelled and crawler type, which is easy to move.  Its steel crawler chassis,

Walking in cities and courtyards is easy and does not easily damage the ground.

11.  The high-strength hydraulic outrigger can quickly and stably adjust the level of the drilling rig, facilitating loading, unloading, and displacement.

12.  Special wellhead setting, providing a certain drilling center to ensure vertical drilling and positioning accuracy.

13.  Mechanical positioning of the trolley and frame improves the stability of the trolley

The pneumatic system has a customized oil injector to lubricate the impactor, effectively increasing its service life.

15.  Dual systems can be added: 1.  Aerodynamic system with air compressor 2.  Mud pump system with mud pump

FY 280
The weight(T)7.6Drill pipe diameter(mm)Φ76  Φ89
The hole diameter(mm)140-305Drill pipe length(m)1.5m  2.0m  3.0m
Drilling depth(m)280Rig lifting force(T)17
One-time advance length(m)6.6Rapid rise speed(m/min)25
Walking speed(km/h)
Fast feeding speed(m/min)
Climbing angles(Max.)30Width of loading(m)2.7
Equipped capacitor(kw)
Hoisting force of winch(T)
Using air pressure(MPA)1.7-3.0Swing torque(N.m)4500-6000
Air consumption(m³/min)17-31Dimension(mm)5900×1850×2360
Swing speed(rpm)40-70Equipped with hammerMedium and high wind pressure series
The penetration efficiencyHigh leg stroke
The engine brandYuchai engine


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