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The water-air dual-purpose drilling rig is a kind of water well drilling equipment (national patent: ZL201510479602.4) , which integrates water drill and air drill functions independently developed by the company, 

the transmission efficiency is double the hydraulic transmission, the power consumption is reduced by 35% ,  It can drill in soil with rotary system and drill in rock with dth hammer. more efficient and energy-saving.

The main features of the drilling rig are as follows: 

1. The rotating speed of the drilling rig can reach 33-1120r/min, and the maximum output torque is 9800n. M. 

2.The drilling rig adopts long-stroke double-speed mechanism, mechanical power head, power head travel 2300MM, for improving drilling efficiency and reducing the occurrence of blocking and burning drilling accidents. 

3. Drilling rig adopts double oil pump to supply oil, single pump to drill, double pump to confluence when lifting down, less power loss and short auxiliary time.

Max Drilling depth Drilling depth for water well280m(152mm~203mm)
Drilling capacityNQ rope drilling 75mm500m
Borehole (Drill bit) dia.Ø75~Ø350mm
 Drilling angle90°
power head Lifting capacity100kN
 Thrusting capacity50kN
 Rotary speed RPMforward:33、63、113、163、192、237、303 、537、906、1120r/min
backward:37、180 r/min
 Max. Torque9800N.m
power Engine Modelyunnei YN27
Power Unit Rated power/speed42kW/ 2400r/min
Mechanical winch capacity4.5Ton
Drilling rodRod diameterØ50/ Ø60 / Ø76/ Ø89mm       NQ/ HQ /PQ
Drill pipe Drill pipe length2000mm
 Mud pumpBW160/ BW200/ BW250
Air compressor Air consumption16~35m3/min
Air compressor Air pressure10.5~24.6bar
Track parameterWalking speed0~2 km/h
Crawler chassis Climbing angleMax. 25°~30°
machine size Transport4600*1900*2540mm
Dimension Working3800*2200*5700mm
 Weight with steel crawler3500kg


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